Choosing Affordability Over Quality: As you probably have discovered, CBD products are everywhere from local gas stations to health food stores and online. If ever there is a situation where the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies, it is with CBD oil.

Many people do not realize that that CBD is an unregulated industry and anyone can peddle their products with little questions or accountability. The truth is that producing safe and pure CBD is expensive. People selling "cheap" versions are producing inferior CBD oil that not only has NO health benefits but potentially be dangerous.

Any reputable CBD company will have available the following information:

  • The extraction method (most quality CBD manufacturers use CO2 extraction);
  • Provide CBD and THC content (THC should ALWAYS be below 0.3%);
  • Source of the hemp;
  • Whether it is a whole plant (full spectrum) or a CBD isolate.

Always consider quality over cost when choosing the best CBD product.