Is Your Dog A Food Waste Warrior


Did you know?

In the US (not including other countries) over 63 million tons of food gets tossed out every year! Even worse ... this food waste accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions!

So .... what if I told you that you can buy healthy treats for your dog AND make a positive impact on the planet. Shameless Pets is not only a nutrition-driven pet product company, but also environmentally-conscious.

Upcycling Ingredients

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 21-21-18 Upcycled Dog Treats All Natural, Grain Free, Superfood, Made in USA

Upcycling ingredients is an eco friendlly solution that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality using misfit and surplus produce.

Misfit ingredients meet all grocery standards, but can’t be sold because they don’t meet cosmetic standards.

Note: This blog receives a commission for using Shameless Pets products that we shared with you in our post. Although we receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) for using and linking their products, we love the products and all our opinions and suggestions are unbiased.

When you see ingredients like sweet potatoes, blueberry, beet, carrots, pumpkin, or bananas, in your Shameless Pets treats, just think of a wonky (misfit) looking (but still delicious) version of those ingredients, and that’s exactly what’s going into our treats.

Just as tasty, but a little weird looking. Surplus ingredients are the parts of perfectly good food that is leftover after production. Like the bits of butternut that don’t get spiralized when making zoodles, or the pulp leftover from squeezing juice. In Shameless Pets treats, you can find surplus ingredients like apple pomace, butternut squash, egg shells, salmon skins, sunflower seed meal, all of which are great for your hound.

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Our hounds LOVE these treats and are proud to be Food Waste Warriors making a positive impact on our environment.

Check out these awesome treats and support our environment!

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