Benefits of Water

benefits of water

Keeping hydrated is very important for a person's good health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day.

For many, drinking enough each day is not at the top of priorities but it should be. Many of the benefits are often overlooked.

Dehydration and Its Effects:

  • Dehydration affects your mood.
  • Dehydration reduces your cognitive and motor skills.
  • Dehydration makes you more sensitive to pain.
  • Dehydration affects your memory.
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Facts on drinking water

  • Adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water.
  • There is no universally agreed quantity of water that must be consumed daily.
  • Water is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions.
  • When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling.
  • Drinking water instead of soda can help with weight loss.

Here is an easy calculator that you can use to determine your daily water requirements (if you don't want to do the math)

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A fruit infusion water bottle is one suggestion for creating healthy infused waters to keep you hydrated. We recommend this bottle from Amazon.

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Tracking Your Water

I have found tracking my water is necessary and helps me to meet my daily goal.

There are many apps available that you can use to track yours.

I use Carb Manager because it helps me track my diet, macros, and water. Available in your app store, this has a "free" and "premium" version. I use the free version and it does everything that I need.

If you prefer to track your water with a chart, here is a free downloadable tracker.

Start today and drink your water!