Pet Insurance: Is It Right For You


Lets face it, being a pet parent means your daily life is full of little surprises, sometimes good and other times not so much.

Pet Vet Statistics:

  • Americans spent $31.4 billion on vet care and pet products in 2020.
  • Dental disease is the most expensive health cost for canine owners.
  • Average vet visits for dogs cost $242, and for cats, the cost is $178.

Source: PetKeen

Our Story:

We know this first hand. Less than a year ago our dog developed a tumor on her foot ... $2500 later and one toe less she is well ... BUT she now has dental disease and is scheduled for surgery next month ... estimate is between $1200 and $2000. Five years ago, I couldn't have afforded these bills ... as a pet parent, not being able to afford care health care for our loving companions is devastating. People are faced with this issue every day and it's heartbreaking.


Five Reasons:

Here are five reasons you might benefit from pet insurance:

  • Dogs and cats get sick
  • Dogs and cats get injured
  • Vet bills can be huge and come at unexpected times
  • It’s the responsible thing to do!
  • Savings account vs. pet insurance

When you think about it, we have health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance to protect us financially against the unexpected.

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These are our fur babies. They are family and their companionship brings much joy, happiness, humor and occasional frustration to our lives. When all is well .. well, all is well ... but when it's not ... it can be expensive and heartbreaking when you have little or no resources to provide unexpected care for your dog or cat.

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Petfirst (through MetLife) Insurance Plans offer robust annual benefit amount options, chronic care coverage, and no lifetime or per-incident limits for pets of all ages. You can customize your deductible and reimbursement rates so they work best for your pet's needs and your budget. Get a quote and customize a plan that is just right for you and your pet.

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