Sterling’s Words of Wisdom


Ever wonder what your dog ๐Ÿ• would say if he could talk? Meet Sterling (DOB 11/15/16) an amazing and adorable Jack Russell who loves to share his words of wisdom and has so much wisdom, love and happiness to share. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’•

Tell me about yourself:

I am all loving. I am an old soul with a big, kind heart. I have a fuzzy ridge down my back that I s love when it is scratched! I love sharing snacks when we are driving.

What is your purpose:

My purpose is to make people smile, forget their troubles and invoke happy memories. My โ€˜day jobโ€™ is helping mom with her animal communication work as an assistant during readings and a teacher in her classes.

Who are your best friends:

My sisters are my best friends. Reinn, now in spirit, was my 1st friend. She also was a Jack Russell who went everywhere with mom. She taught me how to be a dog in a human world and shared mom's secrets with me. Tassel is my favorite snuggle buddy. Hunter and I share food and she often travels with us and keeps me company. Lucee is my wild playmate and Marley is the elder sister who I look up to and work hard not to upset ๐Ÿ˜Š

sterling bed

What are your favorite things to do:

My most favorite thing to do is travel! I looovvvee riding in the truck no matter where we go. I love adventures! My seat is the center consul. I have a blanket, water bowl in the cup holder and special car toys( yak cheese, hoof chew and stuffed animals) I get to meet so many people and pets. I also like to hunt. I am a great mouser and mole โ€˜removerโ€™.

What words of wisdom are most important to you that you'd like to share:

My words of wisdom are important for me to share because I am here to help people find happiness and believe in themselves. When they come to me, I communicate them to mom and she posts them. My followers often write and tell me how my words have helped them.

3 of my favorites are:

  • Smile-itโ€™s infectious
  • Begin. Whatever you have been wanting to do, begin now. The rest will come.
  • You are special, loved and important.
sterling sleep

Is there anything else you'd like to share:

I look forward to meeting all of you. You are the friends I have not yet met. I am always there for you. Think of me, look at my picture, follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I will do my best to make you smile.

About Jennifer Nicolella (Sterling's person):

I am Jennifer Nicolella and am blessed to be Sterlingโ€™s guardian. He choose me, and lead me to him and I was lucky enough to be with him since birth.

I am an animal communicator and teacher. I have spoken with animals since I was a young child and have nurtured my gift as an adult.

I am available for readings by phone. If you would like to connect on a deeper level with your animal(s), want to address a health or behavior issue,speak to an animal(s) that have passed or just talk with your animal(s) contact me.

Online animal communication classes and eCourses are now being planned. Please connect with me via email, Facebook or Instagram to join my mailing list.

Jennifer Nicolella