Meet 13 Year Old Tito

The Pawsitive Cause Project is excited to announce our newest sponsored dog Tito.


Meet handsome and sweet 13 year old Tito. Just like us, the years have started to catch up with this baby. For years he has lived a full and active life with his person especially enjoying trail runs and tagging along on mountain bike rides.

Recently Tito has found getting up more difficult and in the last 6 months, he can no longer jump up on the bed.

On April 16, 2020 Tito started his CBD oil. He is taking Kannaway's Pure Gold Broad Spectrum. Tito is 93 lbs. He is taking 12mg 2x a day. We started with a low serving size, which will likely need to be increased, once he has started the oil and become used to it.


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4/18/20 - Tito slipped and fell on the step walking into the house. His legs gave out and he couldn't get up. He needed to be picked up and was really sore after the incident.

NOTE: He is not a fan of the oil (taking it off the spoon) and ducks his head when he sees it coming but is taking it.

4/22/20 - "Tito is good! He had a good day today ... was a little sore at the beginning of the walk.

4/26/20 - "He seems to be ok ... his mobility is still wonky but I think the pain level has gone down ... seems to be more manageable.

5/3/20 - Tito starting having some tummy issues and after several conversations his mom decided to change his diet to raw and discontinue with the oil because it wasn't clear where his tummy issues were coming from, so we agreed it was best at this time.