Tips For Traveling With Your Dog



Traveling with your dog can be hassle-free with a little planning. Whether a vacation or visiting friends, there are many occasions for us to include our favorite furry companions on an adventures!

We love traveling with ours!

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Medication & First Aid Travel Kit

It's always a good idea to carry a small first aid kit when traveling with your dog. If your pet is on medication, pack an adequate supply so you don't run short.

First aid kits can be purchased online or you can make one of your own. 

Prepare Your Car

There are many accessories that you can get for your vehicle to make the trip safe for both you and your pet. Take into consideration: your dog's size and attitude toward car rides, the length of the trip, and your vehicle.

Pre-Plan Your Trip

Stop frequently for exercise, bathroom and water breaks. Having planned stops for long trips will be very helpful. A well-exercised animal will sleep and not be jumping around your car.  Most highway rest stops have places to walk your dog. Follow the guidelines and clean up after your pet.

Preparing Your Dog

No one wants to think of the worst, but best to be prepared if your dog gets lost. There are some extra precautions that you can take for those "just in case" times.

Be sure your dog has proper identification on her collar.  If your dog is micro-chipped, make sure the information on file is current. So, if your dog is found, you will be notified.

Another option is a GPS Tracker. We highly recommend the Cube GPS Tracker.And simply through the phone app, you can track your dog's location.

Packing For Your Dog

Bring along your dog’s food dishes, bed or pillow, and a couple of her favorite toys. Having familiar items along for the trip can help ease the stress of traveling and make the trip more enjoyable for you both.

Amazon sells some fun pet travel bags with collapsible dishes. This is the one we recommend.