Update on DeeDee and Biscuit: 2 Weeks Into Their CBD Oil Journey


On February 13, DeeDee and Biscuit each received a bottle of CBD oil donated to them through A Pawsitive Cause.

DeeDee is a 60lb Mountain Curr. Biscuit is a 115lb Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix. Both dogs are rescues with Smiles Pets4Vets.

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DeeDee started with 20mg of CBD a day - 10mg in the am and 10mg in the pm of Pure Gold (broad spectrum). Biscuit started with 30mg of CBD a day - 15mg in the am and 15mg in the pm of Premium (full spectrum).

After a week, both dogs were doing well on the oil but little change was noticed so the serving sizes were increased. We increased DeeDee to 35mg per day and Biscuit to 50mg.

With the increase in CBD, the dogs are noticeably happier and more playful. Although still early, these are positive signs that they are both feeling better.

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DeeDee and Biscuit started their oil less than 2 weeks ago and a noticeable change has been seen in their behavior, which is a clear sign that they are feeling better and a major step forward on their road to better health.

It is very exciting to see the progress of DeeDee and Biscuit as they start on this healing journey. The power of CBD is truly amazing in its effects on the body. And just as amazing is the power of the body to heal when it is in an optimal and healthy state.

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