You’ve Been Training Your Dog Wrong

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Common mistakes people make during dog training. Are you guilty of any of these dog training mistakes?

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Common Dog Training Mistakes ... Can You Relate ...

  • Waiting Too Long to Start Training
  • Believing It's Too Late To Start Training
  • Not Training Enough
  • Taking a "One-Size-Fits-All" Approach
  • Inconsistency
  • Impatience
  • Harsh Discipline
  • Getting the Timing Wrong
  • Reinforcing the Wrong Behavior
  • Calling Your Dog to You for Something Unpleasant
  • Failing to Proof Behaviors
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Dogs are family ... EVERY dog lover knows that ... but as much as we like to think of our dogs as children, a dog is a dog and will always be a dog even if we view them as children. They are inherently a dog with a dog's mind and instinct. When we try to humanize their psychology and behavior, we go wrong. In other words, they may learn fear but they don't hold grudges. They remember past hurts and learn from them but they live in the moment. Good intentions ... such as over feeding or feeding table scraps could go wrong. It's VERY hard to resist those begging eyes but sometimes we must.

Are you reinforcing and encouraging undesirable behaviors? Its not too late to make changes.

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